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Visual novel database can be useful, if you are looking for a good visual novel to play or trying to find specific information about a visual novel. The most complete list of visual novels can be found on The Visual Novel Database – is a wiki – anyone can add visual novels and edit information about them. This is the largest collection of visual novels (9832 VNs listed when I checked).

However, if you are looking for a good visual novel to play, a large list of novels isn’t going to help you much. A very short list of really the best VNs would be much better, even if it’s hand picked. VNDB works more like a catalog, than an information site.

Good organization with categories and tags would help navigation, but this is where the bad side of an user edited database shows up: there are 1257 different tags available. If you want to find a specific type of game, you will need to go through these tags.

Unfortunately VNDB doesn’t have a lot of categories, just the two most basic ones – language and platform. The biggest problem with a freely editable database is lack of information. Many of the titles don’t even have descriptions.

Visual novel English speaking community doesn’t have a need for such a comprehensive list. A shorter list of visual novels translated to English and English only visual novels (OELVN) would be much more useful.

A project to create a better visual novel database for only english language visual novels (OELVN) is underway, as part of the Community Project for a VN Community on Lemma Soft Forums, with SusanTheCat volunteering for the task.

This visual novel database will have quite different features than VNDB, such as reviews, recommendations and links to developer profiles.

The project was started by Redeyesblackpanda and is currently open to discussion, to answer the question: What does the VN community need.

While VNs are like remain hard to find, it seems at least OELVN developers will get a better organized visual novel database soon.

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